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"look, if I got to a network and I tell them I want to do a series about latinas and black women and all sorts of women in prison it’s a hard sell. A white girl going to jail is a great gateway drug to all these stories. It’s a great entrée. It’s a really easy way in that’s identifiable for the audience that watches these outlets. Once you’re in then you can then tell all these stories. She was our way in."

— Jenji Kohan in an interview about Orange Is the New Black (via amorfxti)

A recent realization:


"Selfie culture" means young women being in control of how they are portrayed. Of course it’s mocked and criticized.

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"The oppressive effect of privilege is often so insidious that dominant groups complain whenever it’s brought up for discussion. They feel impatient and imposed on. “Come on,” they say, “stop whining. Things aren’t that bad. Maybe they used to be, but not anymore. It’s time to move on. Get over it” But people who are white or heterosexual or male or nondisabled or middle- or upper-class have to ask themselves how they would know how bad it really is to be a person of color or a lesbian or a woman or gay or disabled or working- or lower-class. What life experience, for example, would qualify a white person to know the day-to-day reality of racism? People of color are, by comparison, experts in the dynamics of race privilege, because they live with the oppressive consequences of it twenty-four hours a day."

— Allan G. Johnson (via wretchedoftheearth)

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When i worked at Samsons in Kemptown in the 80’s the anti aparthied movement man came to ask if we could raise money to free N.M by virtue of contribution.
Head cook gave me a massive banana cake i would be handing over the next day. When i got it home i think S*****n A**o or maybe T***** E****t…


The Unicyclist drawn on wood panel

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Never trust a Skyler White hater.

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"Closely related to denial is the minimization of the trouble by acknowledging that it exists but then claiming that it doesn’t amount to much. When women and people of color are accused of ‘whining,’ for example, they’re essentially being told that whatever they have to deal with isn’t that bad and they should ‘just get on with it.’ When you deny the reality of oppression, you also deny the reality of the privilege that underlies it, which is just what it takes to get off the book.

When people in dominant groups practice this kind of denial, it rarely seems to occur to them that they’re in a poor position to know what they’re talking about. For them to act as thought they know better than others do about what they are up against is just the sort of presumption that privilege encourages. Privilege invites them to define other people’s experiences for them, to tell them what it’s like to be with them regardless of what they say it’s like.

Adults do this all the time with children. A child falls down and cries and an adult might say, ‘Now, now, stop crying, it doesn’t hurt that much,’ when in fact the adult doesn’t know how much it hurts. Or the child wakes up with a nightmare and adults might tell them, ‘There’s nothing to be afraid of,’ when that might not be true at all for the child. In similar ways, members of privileged groups are culturally authorized to interpret other people’s experience for them, to deny the validity of their own reports, and to impose their views of reality."

— Allan G. Johnson (via wretchedoftheearth)

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Looks like I’ll be watching Doctor fucking Who then.

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"I do not give up the floor."

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis 

Her response when asked if she would yield the floor to another Senator for a question about 3 hours into her 11 hour filibuster of Texas’ anti-abortion bills. 

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